Home Makeover for Renters: The Bedroom

Doing a home makeover sure can take up a lot of your time! If you haven’t been following along with us, we began our Home Makeover for Renters series at the beginning of February and we’ve officially finished doing all the work in bathroom! We shared with you our experience redoing the caulking, painting an accent wall, and buying some new decor. The last post even explains how to make your very own Bath Board! If you missed it, we actually did a free giveaway of said bath board, but worry not because we’re planning to do another giveaway soon enough.

Now that we’ve done our bathroom reveal, it’s time to move onto the next room: the bedroom. This room is definitely a constant work in progress, but we really wanted to do something to change how we felt every time we entered. After some much needed brainstorming, we came up with some ideas we want to implement.



This is the biggest change I want to make in the bedroom. Literally every single piece of art and decor in our bedroom has been given to me. I’ve never bought my own bedroom decor, ever. Actually, I’ve never really bought decor for any room now that I think of it. So it is definitely time to change that.

I’m so happy that I’ll be working with my good friend Catherine from The Little White Cup on this part of the bedroom makeover. The reason being is that I always have a hard time picturing what would look good in terms of decor and interior design. Just by looking at Catherine’s Blog and Instagram feed, I can guarantee you she will help me look for the perfect items to make the room come together.


Honestly the first thing we should be looking at in terms of furniture should be the bed frame. I wish I was able to do that on my own, but that’s a Max project, and he’s got way too much on his plate right now to focus on that. So instead, I’ll be working to downsize the amount of furniture we have in the bedroom, and give a new look to our bedside tables. Super excited about this part of the bedroom makeover!


Our bedroom has never really been organized. This is something that has always bothered me, because it’s the one room I want to relax in! And anyone who knows me knows that I can’t relax in a disorganized and cluttered space.

This process has already begun, so I’m very excited move forward with the bedroom organization and share our progress with you all!

Decluttering is also going to be a big part of our bedroom makeover because we just have too much stuff accumulating in our bedroom. Some of our decluttering process will be included in the organization post, but we are also planning to do a separate post about decluttering our bedroom for our Downsizing Diaries series!

Journey Towards Minimalism

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    1. Very good point! I’m hoping after we go through a huge decluttering session and start reorganizing that things will not lay around as long and create ever-lasting clutter. I want to find a home for every single item so we know where to put things instead of letting them sit on the dresser, on the night stand, or worse, on the floor, until we can find it a proper home.

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