Le processus de mon deuil et le son du violon

    Le son du violon m’envahie. Il n’y a que toi dans mes pensés. Et pleines d’émotions suivent; la frustration, la tristesse, le regret. L’incompréhension surtout. Comment se peut-il qu’une telle chose soit arriver? Aucune réponse ne peut suffire, c’est tout simplement la vie. Parlons premièrement de la frustration. Je suis fâchée. Fâchée que les circonstances t’ont choisi. Fâchée parce que t’était trop jeune. Fâchée parce que tu avais tellement de choses à accomplir dans te vie. Et fâchée encore plus que je n’ai pas demeurée plus proche de toi pendant ces dernières années. Heureusement que la frustration ne demeure pas longtemps chez moi. C’est toujours la tristesse qui vient s’installer…


    The Best Festival to Experience in East Coast Canada: La Mi-Carême

    Celebrating Mi-Carême in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia If you’ve ever been to Cape Breton, I’m sure you’ve heard of Chéticamp. It’s a small french village on the west coast of Cape Breton, with a population of less than 3000 people. It’s quaint, friendly, familiar, a place I still call “home.” And the best part of coming home is always to celebrate something you love. For me, that has always been and will always be Mi-Carême. Kitchen parties, singing, dancing, laughing, fun and frolic. These words best describe what Mi-Carême is all about. But it’s so much more than that. Let’s start by taking a look at the history of this festivity…

  • LIFE

    Journée Internationale de la Femme

    Parfois j’oublie c’est quoi le sentiment d’être une minorité. Étant une personne blanche vivant présentement au Nouveau-Brunswick, au Canada, ça m’arrive souvent d’avoir un sentiment d’appartenance, de “blendage” si tu veux. Puis de temps en temps, ça me frappe en pleine face – je suis une femme. Qu’est-ce que ça veut dire, au juste, être femme? On pense presque immédiatement à la féminité – les robes, le maquillage, la délicatesse, la gentillesse. On pense fragile, émotionnelle, compliquée. On pense sexy, sensuelle, et salope. Des stéréotypes qui vivent encore aujourd’hui, bien sur, en raison de leur vérité. C’est vrai que beaucoup d’entre nous on possède ces qualités, ou l’on aime ces…

  • Reading List

    Books To Read In 2018

    If you know me, then you know I am list-obsessed. I love making lists for everything, including a list of all my lists – and I’m not even slightly embarrassed about it! So I thought it would be a great idea to share with you my list of book to read in 2018 (in no particular order). Decluttering / Home Organization: The life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering by Marie Kondo Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider Clutter Control by Jeff Campbell Apartment Therapy by Maxwell Ryan Clear the Clutter, Find Happiness by Donna Somalian Small…

  • Radio Canada

    Tiny Adventures Featured on Radio Canada

    *Pour l’article en français, cliquez ici* For all of our French speaking readers, we’ve got good news for you – you can now listen to us as well! On Wednesday morning, Amélie Gosselin from Radio Canada came over to our house while we were in full downsizing mode. We spent a good half hour with her talking about our plans, our expectations, our worries, and our dreams for Tiny Adventures. We are so happy to have had the opportunity to speak with Amélie and be featured on the show Heure de Pointe – Acadie on Radio Canada. Our main goal in documenting this project is simply to educate people, get…

  • Tiny Adventures Staff

    Tiny Adventures Solo Holiday Party

    Yup, that’s right, I hosted/attended my very own staff party for Tiny Adventures. Max was busy, so I was unable to insert a joke about Shania Twain, but it was a fun event nevertheless. A solo holiday party for my side-hustle. I knew I had to make this first staff party pretty special, so I decided to go all out. But then came my first big dilemma… I needed to go out for supplies but I was stuck at home by myself with only the standard car in the drive way. Oh Dear. I stood at the entrance of the house for a good 20 minutes debating if I should…

  • Christmas Traditions

    Christmas Traditions

    Everyone I know has at least one Christmas Tradition. When Max started mentioning all the things we absolutely had to do when we visit his family next week, I started to wonder what kind of things I usually do with my family. And all of a sudden I began to feel very envious of people and their beautiful Christmas Traditions, and even more so, all the memories associated with them. It’s not to say I’ve never had any Christmas Traditions. Growing up, we would always – and I mean ALWAYS – have Christmas Eve supper at my grandma’s house down the street. When we arrived, everyone would make a HUGE scene,…

  • Uluru Ayers Rocks Australia

    Why Patience Is A Virtue

    My whole life, I’ve always thought that patience is a virtue. I am a strong believer in waiting, and trusting that things will unfold as they should – as long as you work hard to make those things happen. I mean come on, who finds a perfect trailer at such a low cost right when they need one? Lately though, I may have had my doubts. I was feeling stressed and anxious about our Tiny House project because certain things were not going as well as we had hoped. The land we had our hearts set on sold while we were “being patient.” It almost felt like a sign that…

  • LIFE

    Don’t Be Afraid To Say Yes

    We’ve all heard the quote before, “Do one thing every day that scares you,” or “Don’t be afraid to say yes.” I’ve always teetered on whether or not I agreed with it. I understand the premise behind it – don’t let the fear of losing keep you from playing the game. And when you look at it that way, you have to believe that it’s worth something, that we need to push ourselves every day (or as often as we can allow ourselves to be) to be better than we believe is possible. That’s how people achieve greatness. That might even be how we find happiness. But where do we…