Services // Meal Planning Sessions

Meal planning sessions are made to make your life easier. Let me help you eat well and save time and money by creating a unique meal plan to suit your specific needs.

Do you feel like you’re constantly overspending on groceries? Are you always wishing you had time to make a grocery budget? Or are you always a loss when someone asks you what’s for dinner? It can be incredibly overwhelming, but I can help.

Together, we will take time to create a menu, make a personalized meal plan, and make sure that you stay on track. We will outline a budget and evaluate the weekly or monthly savings. And soon enough, you will see all the benefits that meal planning has to offer.

Book your initial meet-up now, as weekly and monthly sessions are limited.


Initial meet-up

Cost: $25

We will discuss your needs and assess which type of meal plan would be more suitable for you. This initial meet-up session can be done in-person or online.


First Meal Planning Session

Cost: $100

In this first meal planning session, we will create your personalized meal plan. An outline will be drawn as we dig deep into the meal planning process according to your needs. Specialized plans include regular diets, vegetarian diets, celiac diets, and many more.


Weekly Sessions

Cost: $50

Weekly sessions are available after the first meal planning session. A weekly session will include a review of the previous week’s plan, a budget assessment, and a quick sketch the of the following week’s meal plan.


Monthly Sessions

Cost: $150

Monthly sessions are also available after the first meal planning session. If a monthly meal plan is best suited for you, we will take time once a month to go over your progress. We will take a look at the budget, the meals themselves, and find ways to improve as time goes on.