Collaborations // Work With Me

Collaborations are one of the best ways for bloggers to earn a living. Whether it’s to sponsor a blog post, to have a feature written about you, or just to work together on a project, all ideas are welcome.


There’s no better way to promote your company, brand or product than by getting featured on a blog. Paying influencers to do your marketing for you has never been so easy – and successful.

Option 1 – Feature

This option includes entire descriptive blog post dedicated to you, your services or your products.

Cost: $100

Option 2 – Sponsor

A sponsored blog post can be a post about any topic. The mention of your sponsorship will appear at the beginning of said blog post.

Cost: Starting at $50


An array of videos can be filmed to promote your business. These videos can vary from short clips for Instagram, to longer videos for YouTube. Live Facebook videos are also available either as split-screen or on-site.


Blog series consist of multiple blog posts on the same subject or company. The cost for a series is dependant on the amount of blog posts in the series. Videos are not included in the blog series but can be added for a additional fee.