Weekly Meal Plan: April 22nd-28th

    Last week we didn’t follow the weekly meal plan very well. Stuff came up, but we still stayed home and made meals even though they weren’t the meals on the list. Because of this, we have leftover food which means less spending for this week’s grocery. MEALS Miso Soup Stuffed Potatoes Tofu Black Beans Avocado Penne Arrabbiata – New meal! General Tso Chickpeas Slow Cooker Soup Veggie Burgers Tuna Casserole INGREDIENTS Ginger Garlic Carrot Vegetable Broth Instant Noodles Soya Sauce or Tamari Broccoli Red Miso Paste Snow Peas Green Onion Potatoes Cheese Tofu Black Beans Basmati Rice Avocado Brown Sugar Penne Red Pepper Flakes Canned Tomatoes Fresh Basil (there was…


    Le processus de mon deuil et le son du violon

    Le son du violon m’envahie. Il n’y a que toi dans mes pensés. Et pleines d’émotions suivent; la frustration, la tristesse, le regret. L’incompréhension surtout. Comment se peut-il qu’une telle chose soit arriver? Aucune réponse ne peut suffire, c’est tout simplement la vie. Parlons premièrement de la frustration. Je suis fâchée. Fâchée que les circonstances t’ont choisi. Fâchée parce que t’était trop jeune. Fâchée parce que tu avais tellement de choses à accomplir dans te vie. Et fâchée encore plus que je n’ai pas demeurée plus proche de toi pendant ces dernières années. Heureusement que la frustration ne demeure pas longtemps chez moi. C’est toujours la tristesse qui vient s’installer…


    Tiny Tips: For Spring Cleaning

    This post is about two of my favourite things: Spring and Cleaning! I know not everyone feels the same way and that’s why it’s so important to find tips and tricks that work for you. Today I’m here to give you my best tips when it comes to getting your home decluttered, cleaned and organized before summer. PREP To prepare for your spring cleaning, make sure to stock up with the right tools. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t love the cleaning products you have? Replace them – it’s that easy! I always get a good smelling all-purpose cleaner, something a bit stronger for the tough spots, and a glass cleaner.…


    Weekly Meal Plan: April 15th-21st

    We’re trying out meal planning on Saturday this week again instead of Sunday. We did most of our shopping yesterday (Friday) and we actually filmed all of it because yesterday we did our first vlog! We hit up Costco, Superstore, Bulk Barn and Tomavo. It was a lot of stops but it was worth it – we saved money and reduced the amount of plastic we purchased! This week is particularly difficult, so despite our grocery list, we may be splurging a bit on extra food. The reason being that this week is the anniversary of a young family member’s passing. We would love to be able to spend this…


    Shrimp Pad Thai Recipe

    It has officially been 3 months since we started posting our Weekly Meal Plan posts. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about these posts, and one comment made us realize that it would be a great idea to share even more with you all. After much deliberation we’ve decided to start sharing some of our recipes with all of our readers! We hope that you’ll enjoy the variety of meals we have on our menu. They are mostly vegetarian, some including fish, and occasionally meat on the side because Max is not a vegetarian. This week’s meal plan included a great meal that Max has always made without following…


    Tiny Tips – On Planting Vegetables From Seeds

    Spring is in the air – kind of – so that means it’s time to start thinking about planting our garden. Some people prefer to buy small plants and transplant them into their home garden, but we’re old school. We love planting vegetables (and sometimes flowers) from seeds and watching them grow. I know what some of you are thinking – that’s hard work! Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. Planting vegetables from seeds is just as easy as buying the plants, and it’ll save you some money too. A big reason we want to be planting from seeds is also the sense of accomplishment that comes…

  • How To Save Money With Meal Planning

    Weekly Meal Plan: April 8th-14th

    This week I decided to switch it up a little bit and share our weekly meal plan a day in advance! What do you guys think about that? Would you rather see our weekly meal plan post come out at the beginning of the weekend to give you some meal ideas before you go grocery shopping? Or are you like me and you prefer to do your grocery shopping on a weekday to avoid the weekend crowds? Leave some feedback in the comments section, we would love to hear from you! MEALS Shepherd’s Pie Fettuccine Alfredo* (Gluten Free Version & Regular Version) Pasta Shells Buddha Bowl Pad Thai Minestrone Soup…

  • Home Makeover for Renters

    Bedroom Makeover: The Closet

    This week on our Home Makeover for Renters series, we’re taking a look at the bedroom, more specifically at the bedroom closet! I’m really excited about this project given that closets are my pet-peeve when it comes to organization. They never seem to stay organized no mater what I do. So it was obvious to me that that would be the first thing to get a makeover in our bedroom. Here’s what our closet looked like before we started the project: Previous closet layout: Shirts & Dresses were hung on wire hangers – all my clothes on the left, Max’s clothes on the right. All pants were folded and stored…

  • How To Save Money With Meal Planning

    Weekly Meal Plan: April 1st-7th

    Happy Easter to all our readers! We hope you’re all having a wonderful long weekend and spending lots of quality time with your family. Unfortunately, our current jobs don’t really allow much time for that this weekend, but we were fortunate enough to spend lots of time with both my mom & step, as well as Max’s parents last weekend. And now it’s back to reality, and back to meal planning. I have to ask you guys a question before I get started though. What do you think about the weekly meal plan posts being published on Sundays? Is that a good day for you, or it’s too late for…

  • Book Review

    The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – A Book Review

    Another book has been checked off the reading list. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has been on my “To Read” list for along time now, but I never got around to buying it, and I was on the wait list at the library forever. But finally it was my turn to read it, and what a great coincidence it was. Within the first chapter, this book completely goes against everything that was mentioned in our last book review, Organize Your Way: Simple Strategies for Every Personality. Marie Kondo start her book off by saying, “Tidy a little [every] day, and you’ll be tidying forever.” Her method focuses strongly on…