Greater Moncton Summer Bucket List

A few years ago, I created a Moncton Summer Bucket List and I really want to take the time to create an updated version of it. This year’s Summer Bucket List includes some experiences I didn’t get to check off my previous list, as well as new and can’t-miss experiences! There are so many more great things to do in the Greater Moncton area (and in NB in general), so I also thought I would add some lists my local NB-blogger friends created (see end of post).


Moncton Summer Bucket List 2021

Here are some great ideas about what to do in the Greater Moncton area this summer! Personally, I hope to be able to check off every item this year!

Summer Bucket List

Enjoy some local wine at Magnetic Hill Winery

Summer Bucket List
Photo from Llamazing Adventures

Take a stroll with the llamas and alpacas from Llamazing Adventures

Watch the Tidal Bore

Moncton Bucket List
Photo from Halo Donuts

Feast on some local desserts from Tony’s Bistro, Halo Donuts, or Gusto’s

Photo by Tia Fennelly

Take Jake for a walk in some local trails, namely the Dobson Trail in Riverview

Moncton Summer Bucket List

Visit the Magnetic Hill Zoo


Go to the beach more often (once every two weeks, at least!)

Moncton Summer Bucket List

Go to the drive-in at Neptune in Shediac

Summer Bucket List

Play some games at Moque Tortue while in Shediac!

September Self Care
Photo by Ben Champoux Photography

Relax at Usva Spa Nordik

What To Do in Moncton

Browse through the local downtown shops during at the Night Markets (starting July 8th)

Moncton Summer Bucket List
Photo from Jassy Boutique & Tearoom

Sip some tea with friends at Jassy Boutique & Tearoom

Take in some beautiful murals around the Greater Moncton Area – created within the Inspire Festival

Moncton Museum

Discover something new at Resurgo Place

Moncton Coffee

Enjoy a tasting at Epoch Coffee

Cool down with an ice cream treat from Bennic!

Photo by Ben Champoux

Shop local at various boutiques, such as The Attic, Boutique 2e Look, and Second Edition

Sushi Pizza Sugar Roll Sushi

Try new restaurants (for me: Kanpai Izakaya, Monk10 and Clos)


Want to make your own Moncton Bucket List? We have a free printable sheet available for just that! Click the image below to open a PDF version of the sheet to download and/or print.

Summer Bucket List


Do you have other suggestions on MUST-VISIT spots in the Greater Moncton Area? Share them below in the comments and let us know what you’ve got on your Moncton Summer Bucket List!

5 thoughts on “Greater Moncton Summer Bucket List

  1. Awesome bucket list Carmen! We’ve done some of those, but some are new! On our Moncton bucket list this year is to finally do the Magnetic Hill, we still haven’t tried it!

    1. Thank you Pauline! Oh my God, I can’t believe you haven’t done Magnetic Hill!! Yes, you absolutely have to go when you get back in town! I’ll make sure of it! 😉

  2. Great list! You should also try the Lost&Found Homemade Icecream next door to Halo!
    My Moncton bucket list involves trying out all the new patios opening around town – Tide&Boar Brewery, Monk10, Carrabba – and revisit ones I know like the Tire Shack, Dolma, Brumes du Coude…

    1. Oh yes!! Great suggestions! I haven’t been to Lost and Found yet, although I did try their ice cream sold at local retailers before. Monk10 is at the top of my list, and my new favourite brewery is Cavoke – we should meet up there sometime!

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