Monthly Meal Planning Sessions


A 3-month agreement for monthly meal planning sessions at $150 each. Should you wish to book for a specific set of months, please contact Tiny Adventures Journey for a customized service plan.



Following your first meal planning session, you can start setting up either weekly meal planning sessions or monthly meal planning sessions. These sessions can take place in your home or online.

The monthly sessions are longer in duration than the weekly meal planning sessions. During the monthly session, we will take a look at the menu and choose one meal for each day of the month and write them on a print-out calendar. Within the same week, the meals chosen will have at least some similar ingredients to save some money and not have any food waste at the end of the week. From there, we will create an ingredient list based on the meals chosen for each week, as well as a grocery list of every item that will need to be purchase each week.

For examples of these lists, you can visit these meal planning blog posts.

Cost: $150 per month (minimum 3 month agreement)


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