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It’s another beautiful Sunday morning! And as usual, I like to take the time to write a post for the weekly series Sunday Mornings in Moncton. In this series of blog posts, I share lots of tidbits of information such as what’s happening Greater Moncton, a new local business you might not have heard of, and more. But this week, I want to do something slightly different and talk to you about my personal Sunday morning in Moncton. I want to get into the details of what my Sundays typically look like, including my cleaning and prep routine.

Firstly, I want to begin by saying I was inspired to create a routine and follow a trend called GYST by watching some of my favourite YouTubers, namely Rachel Lee Anderson and Kalyn Nicholson. The latter of the two has been attributed the credit of having keyed the term GYST – an acronym for Getting Your Shit Together. My cleaning and prep routine for Sunday mornings is loosely based on this concept.

GYST Cleaning Routine

For the longest time, I didn’t have a specific cleaning routine. I would just try to keep up with all the mess in the house whenever I felt overwhelmed. However instead of letting myself get to that stress level, I make it a point to write down a GYST Cleaning Routine. The routine itself never looks the exact same from week to week, but generally I do the same type of things to get everything back in order. Here’s what my list looks like:

  • Put things away – meaning all items that are not where they belong
  • Wipe all surfaces
  • Sweep the floors

It’s not a long list, which makes it easier to feel like I can accomplish it all. I should also note that I make sure to have breakfast and take some time to relax before I start.

GYST Prep Routine

After I’ve accomplished all my cleaning for the morning, I make a detailed list of everything else I would like to accomplished in preparation for the week to come. Sometimes that means doing the groceries and cutting up vegetables in advance; sometimes it means sitting down and organizing all our finances; and sometimes it means spending a mindful afternoon doing things to replenish my soul and my energy.

Here are two examples of lists I typically have for my GYST Prep Routine:

Meal Prep & Productive Sunday

  • Visit Green Pig Country Market
  • Prep meals & snacks (cutting vegetables and putting snacks into jars)
  • Mail letter
  • Clean kitty litter
  • Send photos
  • Respond to e-mails
  • Clean out garbage bins
  • Edit videos

To get a better idea of what this GYST routine looks like, I uploaded a video about it on our YouTube channel which you can view below.

Self Care Sunday

  • Read
  • Spend time outside
  • Support friends and vendors at local craft fair
  • Visit the Shediac Farmer’s Market
  • Go to the beach in Cap Pelé
  • Spend time with our favourite 3 year old


It wouldn’t truly be a Sunday Mornings in Moncton blog post if I didn’t highlight some of the great businesses and entrepreneurs that we support. Here is quick breakdown of everyone mentioned in the two Sunday routine lists above.

Green Pig Country Market

Everyone has been talking about the Green Pig Country Market for as long as I can remember. And I honestly didn’t have any excuse, I just had never made my way over there. For those who haven’t heard, we now own a piece of land just outside of Moncton and we actually live very close to the Green Pig Country Market. During my first visit – which you can see in the video posted above – I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of products they offer. From vegetables and fruits, to local soaps and handmade baskets, you can find incredible products at a great price. Highly recommended.

Sunday Routine

Ever After Acres

Ben and Lisa are the amazing owners and founders of Ever After Acres. You can read more about Lisa here, as she gracefully accepted to meet with me for the Women of Moncton series. But to give you a brief idea of what Ever After Acres is all about, they sell amazing natural products made from soap nuts. I made the switch from laundry soap to soap nuts about a year ago, and I have had zero regrets. If you’re interested in learning more about them and their products, head over to their website. You can also find Ben and Lisa at various markets and events throughout the Greater Moncton area.

Ever After Acres Moncton Business

Sandy Toes

My friend Crystal Richard, who is also a blogger over on East Coast Mermaid, is selling some amazing coastal apparel over at the Shediac Farmer’s Market every Sunday! Her company Sandy Toes has the greatest sayings and is made from high quality material. I highly recommend going over to say hi and checking out what she has in stock. You can also read more about Crystal here, because she is another incredibly inspiring woman who is featured in the Women of Moncton series!

Local Moncton entrepreneur Crystal Richard

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