Busy Week Meal Plan

This coming week is going to be a busy one! With my choir concert coming up and mom coming to visit, we need to get things planned. So today I’m sharing with you all a busy week meal plan. Busy Week Meal Plan Spaghetti Pizza Macaroni Casserole Lo Mein Casino NB for a Belated Mother’s… Read More Busy Week Meal Plan


Sunday Mornings in Moncton // Events, Activities & Local Businesses

There’s no better way to start your Sunday than by reading up on what’s going on in Greater Moncton. In this Sunday Mornings  in Moncton series, we’re sharing a few Moncton events, activities, and local businesses in Moncton. If you have a suggestion on what should appear in this series, please contact us at least… Read More Sunday Mornings in Moncton // Events, Activities & Local Businesses


Spring Time Meal Plan

Spring is officially here! The weather is rainy and warm, and I’m inspired to create a spring time meal plan to reflect that. When you think of Spring, what kind of meals or foods in general come to mind? For me, it’s definitely green foods. I’m going to incorporate lots of green veggies into this… Read More Spring Time Meal Plan