Moncton Bucket List // What To Do In Moncton This Summer

I’ve lived in Moncton for the past 9 years. Things have changed a lot since then and I’m constantly on the lookout for new things to do. After reading East Coast Mermaid’s Summer 2018 New Brunswick Bucket List I was inspired to write my own list. A list of what to do in Moncton this summer – my own personal Moncton bucket list!

I know a lot of people will mention activities in nearby towns. For example, people always mention stuff to do in Shediac or Bouctouche. But this list will focus solely on Moncton activities and things to do in the City of Moncton.

I hope that this list will encourage you to try new things, whether it be in Moncton or in your own hometown. You’d be surprised at how many activities are going on that you aren’t aware of. So make sure to do lots of research or try one of the activities in our list below!

Things To Do In Moncton This Summer

  1. Visit the Magnetic Hill Zoo – New tiger cubs were born this year!
  2. Check out the new and improved Magnetic Hill Wharf Village!
  3. Have some family fun at Magic Mountain’s
  4. Try some wine at the Magnetic Hill Winery
  5. Relax at Usva Spa Nordik
  6. Bounce around at Get Air – I’ve been meaning to try this for 2 years now!
  7. Have tea at The Thomas William House
  8. Visit Street Art created during Festival Inspire
  9. Be creative at DIY Studio
  10. Watch the Tidal Bore in downtown Moncton
  11. Try gymnastics at the Beauséjour Gym
  12. Give fencing a go at the Moncton Fencing Club!
  13. Visit the Acadian Museum on the University of Moncton campus (Musée Acadien de l’Université de Moncton)
  14. Go star-gazing with the Moncton Astronomy Club!
  15. Hike Hall Creek’s Trail

Have you ever done some of these Moncton Bucket List activities? If so, which one is your favourite? And if you have more ideas about new things to try out in the Moncton area, please let me know!

Create your own Moncton Bucket List by using this free printable I created:

Summer Bucket List

Download Here

5 thoughts on “Moncton Bucket List // What To Do In Moncton This Summer

  1. Watching the Tidal Bore is always my fave! Especially when our good friend Luc is surfing it 🙂

    PS: Can’t believe I missed this + the shout out! Thank you so much <3 This is such a fun list!

    1. We’re a bit envious of your list, we wish we could get out of town more, but what with planning for the tiny house and buying land, we just need to prioritize saving money for other stuff. Hope your activities are going well so far, I saw some pictures and it looks like you’re having an amazing summer!! Will try to get to Shediac one Sunday in August to say hi. 😉

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