What To Do For Valentine’s Day in Moncton

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I thought it would be a great opportunity to give you some tips on what to do for Valentine’s Day in Moncton. Whether you’re celebrating self-love, as a couple, or even as a family, there are all great activities. All the ideas compiled in this post are local and budget friendly. Because let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day – just like Christmas – shouldn’t break the bank. There is nothing healthy about spending money you don’t have to try to show someone you care about them. The important people in your life will understand that you love them by the actions you take, and the gestures you practice. No monetary value can be associated to that.

Clay Café

A fun activity for people of all ages. Whether your single, in a couple, or looking to do a family activity, a clay café is great place to go for Valentine’s Day in Moncton. You can either visit the DIY Studio at 824 Mountain Road, or The Clayspace at 647 Mountain Road (this one is more of a spot to take pottery classes though). I haven’t been to a clay café since I was really young, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about both these places and I know that I, for one, would love to go there for Valentine’s day.

Walk in the park

Looking to do something romantic without busting the budget? I absolutely love the idea of just going for a walk in the park. There are so many nice spots to visit, even in the winter time. My personal favourite is Centennial Park, but there are also all these options:

  • Irishtown Nature Park
  • Mapleton Park
  • Riverfront Park
  • Centennial Park
  • Rotary St-Anselme Park

Watch the Tidal Bore

A lot of locals have actually never gone to view the tidal bore – and if that includes you, you’re missing out. This is actually one of the first places we visited when Max and I first started dating. It was such a lovely evening, strolling around beforehand, chatting with both locals and tourists waiting alongside you, and witnessing the huge wave rumble by down the river.

Make sure you arrive early, because the estimate time of arrival of the tidal bore is sometimes off by a few minutes. On Valentine’s Day, you can view it at 5:14am or 5:47pm.

Take a Yoga Class

There are so many great yoga studios in the Greater Moncton area, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is which class to choose! Doing yoga on Valentine’s Day feels like a perfect fit, given the history of yoga and its relation to sexuality. No matter what your goal is, yoga can be beneficial not only for your sexual health, but also your mental and physical health.

If you’re interested in taking a class, we’ve made up a list of some of the best yoga studio in town, all of which offer drop-in classes that you can sign-up for in advance.

Watch a Movie

I love movies. I’ve always loved them, and I always will, so that’s why I think watching a movie for Valentine’s Day is a great budget friendly activity. If you want to go out, there are some good choices at Cineplex, and if you have any Scene Points, you can put them towards this date night to save a little bit more money. And if you’d rather stay in for the night, you’ve got two more options.

The first option – my favourite – is to go check out the new releases at our local movie store, Spin it. They have an amazing selection of old and new movies, both DVDs and blurays. Not to mention they also have video games, music, and toys for purchase.

The second option is perfect if the weather is making you feel like a homebody – time to curl up in a warm blanket and watch Netflix! If this is your activity of choice, might I suggest some of these great Rom-Coms:

  • The Ugly Truth
  • Just Go With It
  • How Do You Know
  • Definitely Maybe
  • Made of Honor

Bake Something Sweet

Max and I both love baking, so this is always one of our favourite activities. We haven’t made any specific plans yet, but I know we’re going to bake at least a cake, maybe even two! And if you’re not into baking, you could always run out to Tony’s Bistro or Nana’s Bakery for the perfect treat to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Moncton.

Play Boardgames

Another personal favourite right here. Boardgames are a great way to spend quality time with someone in the comfort of your own home. You can invite family and friends over, or you can keep it simple with just the two of you. Either way, you are bound to have a wonderful time. And why not serve something you baked (or bought) to make the evening even more special!

If having people over isn’t your jam, it’s just a little bit outside of Moncton, but I would recommend spending some time at Le Moque Tortue – a board game bistro in Shediac!


These are just some of the great things you can do for Valentine’s Day in Moncton. There are so many more, so please feel free to leave some more ideas in the comments.

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