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I don’t usually have any trouble finding gift ideas for Max. However, as we get older, it’s becoming more challenging. So I thought I would share with you some Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend – also applicable to husbands and/or male friends. If you’re in the opposite situation and don’t know what to get for your girlfriend or wife, we’ve got some ideas for you right here. And if you’re not sure what to do for Valentine’s Day, check out this blog post about Valentine’s Day activities.

Eco Friendly Gifts

Sustainable gifts are kind of my thing. So of course I have a category called eco friendly gifts! These are options that are made from sustainable materials such as wood or metal, that aren’t all made of plastic. And don’t think you can only buy sustainable gifts for hippies – these are all great ideas for your average every day man!

Shave Brush

Any man who loves a good shave deserves a sustainable shave brush. The one pictured above is made of real badger hair and has a wooden handle. Not to mention it is very reasonably priced.

Double Edge Safety Razor Kit

Max got a similar razor a few years back, and although it takes some getting used to, it is an amazing tool. Any man looking for a sustainable razor should hint very strongly to their significant other that they want this. 😉

Hilarious Gifts

This category was actually thought up by accident. I asked Max what would be good gifts for men, and he understood “what would be good gifs for men.” I have no idea why he thought I would ask that, but his response was “hilarious ones.” Honestly, it was a fitting answer for both questions so I just went with it.

The Grill Father Apron

Men who love to cook are often heard telling others how great they are at grilling anything and everything. I know Max would definitely get a kick out of this Grillfather cooking apron!

Ball Sack Golf Ball Bag

It’s a well known fact that all men think ball sacks are hilarious. Even if your man isn’t into golf, I feel like this bag could be useful for lots of other stuff and it would be hilarious to show to family and friends!

Favourite Asshole Keyring

Even though we don’t want to admit it, everyone’s a bit of an asshole sometimes. So why not let that special guy in your life know that he’s your fave. 😉 

Stylish Gifts

Even though some men act like they don’t care about style, they do. Or at least most of them do. Max’s fashion sense has changed a bit over the past couple of years (thank God) and he likes getting dressed up for special occasions. Here are a couple of gift ideas I’ve had for him in terms of style and fashion gifts.

Calvin Klein Slim Black Tie

Every man should have a black tie. Do your boyfriend a favour and get him one of these gorgeous Calvin Klein Slim Ties.

Men’s Leather Wallet

The reason I’m adding this men’s leather wallet to this list is because most men (cough, cough – Max…) will never get rid of their ratty old wallets. I would recommend taking a look at what kind of wallet the person is currently using, in case they have a preference in style and design. Max only wants black leather and likes for there to be enough space to keep some business cards behind his credit cards.

These are just a few great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband. If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments so that others can benefit from it. Because let’s face it, we all struggle to find nice gifts for men that they’ll actually appreciate.


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