Tiny House Kitchen Inspiration

My favourite room in every home is always the kitchen. I want to share a couple of great tiny house kitchen inspiration photos on the blog. We’re in the planning phases for our tiny house so one of these might spark the idea for our kitchen.

Dark Wood Counter Tops

Tiny House Idea

There’s nothing I love more than wooden counter tops. And dark wood against white cabinets are the perfect match.

Counter Space

Tiny House Ideas

Even in small kitchens, counter space is super important. I love that there’s three different spots to use the counter space.


Full Sized Oven

Tiny House Ideas

I can’t imagine a kitchen without a full size oven. I want to be able to cook all of our regular meals and bake as well.

3 thoughts on “Tiny House Kitchen Inspiration

  1. Hi Carmen; I’m from Cheticamp also and have to say I’m going to love following your journey!
    I now live in Halifax, but am obsessed with tiny house and small space living. I’m continually moving toward a minimalist/low waste lifestyle.
    Wondering if you also have a youtube channel?
    Good luck in all your journeys!
    Cindy AuCoin

    1. Hi Cindy!
      Welcome to the blog and to the adventure! So happy to hear you’ll be following along! I’m not sure if they’re still happening, but two years ago there were some Tiny House Meet Ups in Halifax. They seemed so interesting but we never were able to make it up. You could look them up if you were interested in meeting some other people in Halifax who have common interests.

      And yes, we do have a Youtube Channel! You can either search for us by typing in Tiny Adventures Journey, or clicking on this link:

      We are posting all about downsizing right now, and look forward to publishing our first video about our very own tiny house as soon as the snow melts!

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