Tiny House Updates

We’ve recently been getting messages and comments about where we’re at in our Tiny House project. So I thought it would be a good time to give everyone some Tiny House updates, and maybe give you guys a little bit of a better view of what our life is currently like.

Where We Live Now

First things first – we do not currently live in a Tiny House. Right now, we are renting a 5 bedroom house with two garages. So yeah, it’s definitely not a tiny space. We are living here temporarily with my brother and we rent our spare bedroom downstairs on AirBnB. Our landlord here is fantastic and has no problem with us doing small home renovations or DIY projects, so we decided to start a series called Home Makeover for Renters to show you that you can still improve the space you live in even if you’re renting.

Our current living room, featuring my brother’s gorgeous new L-shaped couch.

Tiny House Progress

We are not in the building stages of our Tiny House yet, but we did buy a trailer, change our minds, and just recently negotiated to buy another trailer. For now, our plan is to purchase an old mini home trailer, get some new axles, and buy an A frame. We have all the stuff we need to make a great trailer, we just have to find somewhere to put it now.

Gooseneck Trailer for Tiny House
The first trailer that we bought for our Tiny House. Currently for sale!


Near Future Plans

In the near future, our plans are to buy land. If you know anyone selling land in the Magnetic Hill area of Moncton (Indian Mountain & Berry Mills area), please let us know because we are still looking. We really want to buy a nice piece of land and only start building once we’ve brought our trailer over there. Our hopes are that we can buy something in the 5+ acres range because we may or may not be starting a business on the land later on.


House Plans

We plan on making our own house plans for the Tiny House, and we just recently got the program that Max loves to work on. He will be the one in charge of that and hopefully we’ll be able to get that done in the next two or three months so we can have something to work with by summer time!


Building Process

I’ve got my fingers crossed that we could start the build this summer. It would be perfect timing because our lease for the house is coming to an end in August. If we can get enough of the house built, we could move out and keep building while living in it. I know what you’re thinking, that sounds like a really shitty way to live. And so we are fortunate that we fell into a bit of good luck – my brother is planning on buying a house and we may just very well move in with him while we build the Tiny House to save some money.


I feel like that pretty much sums up where we’re at right now and what we plan to do in the next couple of months. If you have any more questions, please leave us a comment or send us a message and we would be happy to chat with you more in detail!

4 thoughts on “Tiny House Updates

  1. I am so glad for this update LOL it’s exciting to see someone in NB going through the entire process.
    But, why choose to build a tiny home when it might be possible to buy a smaller, older home and reno it?

    1. Coincidentally, both my boyfriend and I have just always dreamed of building our home ourselves, plus we want to be able to travel with it, so it’s gotta be built on a trailer. I’m sure there will be loads of challenges in taking this route instead of renovation a smaller house, but we both feel like it’s the right thing for us to do and we are so excited to get into it! ^_^

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