What To Do When You Change Your Mind

Did you really think that you would never regret any decision you ever made? Obviously not, nobody’s perfect – including us. That means that sometimes, you change your mind. And we kind of changed our mind on something pretty huge.

Did you know that we bought a trailer? Well, we finally went up to Northern New Brunswick to pay for it in full and transport it to Max’s parents’ house. Everything went pretty smoothly – Max and his dad installed new tires and rims because two of them weren’t in good condition. They got a hold of Max’s uncle, who has a truck with a fifth wheel attachment, and they were able to go get it and drive with it safely all the way back to the house.

And then we changed our minds.

OK, we actually changed our minds before we even paid for the trailer, but we had already put down a deposit and the guy had been holding it for us for 2 months now, so we couldn’t really back out – which is fine, because we have plans to make it all work out.

The reason we changed our mind about the trailer has nothing to do with the trailer itself. Honestly, it’s a fantastic trailer – for sale, by the way! – in really great condition, and Max is going to put even more time and effort into fixing it up so we can sell it for more to help pay for other Tiny House related costs. The real reason we changed our minds is because Max got a call from another one of his uncles who’s job it is to deliver Mini Homes to people. He wanted to let Max know that a friend of his was selling a Mini Home Trailer – FOR $300!!! That is WAY cheaper than anything we could have looked for, or even built.

We haven’t gotten into contact with construction companies yet to ask why they don’t use these types of trailers, but Max thinks it is mainly due to the fact that these trailers aren’t meant to be on the road long-term, but rather just for a few trips during it’s lifetime – which is fine by us, because in all honesty, we hope to never have to move it if we can find the right piece of land and start building it right there.

And all that brings us to the big question – What do you do when you change your mind? I’ll tell you just that.

Reassess what it is you actually want

When you first change your mind about something, you don’t always know what it is you actually want. Sometimes you feel confused, but you know that your initial decision wasn’t the right one. So that means it’s time to sit down, do some thinking, and look at what that right decision might actually be.

For us, I think we are both in agreement that the right decision is to buy a (MUCH) cheaper trailer, that will do the same job as the really expensive one.

Compare your wants VS your needs

Sometimes, we humans want things that we don’t need. I think it’s really important to look at both your wants and your needs, and see if those align with each other. Now, I’m not saying you should only prioritize your needs, but you should acknowledge them, compare them to your wants, and then balance them out.

Figure out why you changed your mind

This one is pretty straight forward – figuring out the why. Why did you change your mind? It’s important to not make a rash decision if you can’t figure out why you changed your mind. Maybe it’s just worry or fear that it making you doubt yourself, and in that case, you should stick to your initial decision.
As for us, we figured out that we changed our mind because it was more practical and more efficient to go a different way with our trailer choice. It will be less costly, it will do the job just as well, and it will be a lot less work in the long run.

Don’t stress about it 

When you change your mind about something, and it’s for the right reasons, you need to make the best of the situation and move towards what it is you want now.

Have you ever changed your mind about a big decision? If so, how did you handle it? Let us know in the comments below or send us a message, we’d love to hear from you!

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