Tiny Adventures Announcement

Tiny Adventures has an announcement to make. OK everybody, are you ready for the big news?

In case you haven’t been following us on social media, I’ll let you know right now that the surprise isn’t in regards to getting engaged or having babies. Rather, it’s something that we are in the process of purchasing.

Let’s see if you can guess from the hints we’ve been leaving on social media this past week…


This is a zoomed in part of what will soon be ours. Any idea what it could be?


If you’ve never seen one made this way before, you might still be guessing.

And last but not last, hint #3 was posted just last night:


Have you put all the pieces together yet? No? Well here it is.



Things are getting very real. I mean, we still have no where to put it. But we’ve sent a deposit and it’s going to be coming to Moncton in the next few weeks!

This wasn’t the initial plan, but it was too good of an offer to pass up. Someone near Max’s hometown was selling a 30’ gooseneck trailer for $3800. First of all, how insane is that?? Of course, seeing as it was being sold online, we figured we’d try our luck to get the price down even more.

After some back-and-forth between the owner and Max, we made a deal. He would sell it to us for $3000 – ONLY $3000! – including inspection sticker and license plate, as long as we promised to purchase new tires and/or new rims because he was worried about us driving with the ones currently on the trailer. That is insane. As in, an insanely good deal!!

We still have a lot of work to do on it. Max wants to make lots of adjustments so we can make the most out of it for the specific use we have in mind. We are so fortunate to have a friend with a 5th wheel hook-up in his truck, so he will be the one helping us bring it back to Moncton. Unfortunately, I don’t get weekends off so I won’t be able to head out with them to pick it up. As hard as it is, I’ll just have to give all the responsibility to Max and hope nothing goes wrong. 😉

Kidding, of course! Both he and our friend are very competent and I have no doubts everything will go smoothly! Hopefully we’ll have some footage to show you soon thereafter, which we will start uploading to our new YouTube channel that’s currently in the works!

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