Why Patience Is A Virtue

My whole life, I’ve always thought that patience is a virtue. I am a strong believer in waiting, and trusting that things will unfold as they should – as long as you work hard to make those things happen.

I mean come on, who finds a perfect trailer at such a low cost right when they need one?

Lately though, I may have had my doubts. I was feeling stressed and anxious about our Tiny House project because certain things were not going as well as we had hoped. The land we had our hearts set on sold while we were “being patient.” It almost felt like a sign that maybe it wasn’t time for us to think about buying land. Maybe we weren’t quite ready yet. Maybe patience was not always a virtue.

And then just yesterday, my faith was restored. Good things really do come to those who wait.

These past few weeks, I had been looking incessantly at washers and dryers online. I don’t know why, I just got this urge to find a really great deal. Since we’ve been saving our money from AirBnB to go towards bigger Tiny House purchases, I thought what could be better than a brand spanking new washer-dryer combo!

There have been some pretty good deals at a couple of stores, plus we saw a few ads on Facebook and Kijiji for secondhand laundry machines that were well priced (and some overpriced). So it’s not like we were in a rush to get these, they always seemed to be available at one place or another. But for some reason, I just wanted to hurry up and get them. I wanted to feel like I was contributing to the project, even if that meant buying appliances ahead of time – at a fraction of the cost might I add.

Max, however, was not on the same page at all. He thought I was rushing into things. He couldn’t understand my need to contribute and feel productive. He was thinking a lot more logically, and mentioned that it might be best to wait and buy appliances after we had found land so that we wouldn’t have to move them twice. He also noted that the later we purchase appliances, the longer the warranty would be. And what use is a warranty on a machine we wouldn’t be using for another year?

He made some very good points, and so I decided to put that on the back burner, all the while still keeping an eye out on sales to see when and where would be the best place to buy, when we are ready to buy.

Then yesterday, out of the blue, I received a message from Max’s cousin.

“Psst. Do you know anyone who needs a dryer? My washer broke down and I ended up buying a washer-dryer combo… so I have an extra dryer…”


Now THIS is why patience is a virtue.

And did I mention Max is really great at fixing broken things? So I guess we’re getting a washer and a dryer in a few weeks!

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