Top 5 Reasons To Live In A Tiny House

Some of you may be wondering why in the heck some people choose to live in a Tiny House – a home as small as 250 square feet. Well, we’re here to give you the top 5 reasons why they do.

Spending Less Money

Of course everyone knows it’s going to cost a hella-lot less to build a Tiny House than your every day McMansion, but I’m not just talking spending less money in terms of building. It also costs less to heat, less to cool down, less in property taxes – less, less, less!

Paying Off Debt

By spending less money in all areas of your life – including lower mortgage, lower monthly bills, etc. – you are able to save a lot more money each month and put those savings towards paying off your debt. This is a big reason for a lot of young people to choose the Tiny House Lifestyle.

Environmentally friendly

In this day and age, I think most people are aware that we all need to do our part when it comes to reducing our ecological footprint. And what better way to do that than by reducing the size of your home and the amount of energy you consume every single month? That’s pretty easy to do when you live in Tiny House.

Freedom To Move Around

One of the biggest perks of owning a Tiny House is that you can transport them as you please! If you want, it’s possible to live in two, three, or dozens of different places throughout the year. Tiny House On Wheels, as they are sometimes referred to, are built for the road so you can bring your house with you wherever you want to go.

More Time To Do The Things You Love

A lot of people are also very attracted to Tiny Houses because they offer a kind of freedom most people only dream of: more time to do the things you love. With such a small space, it doesn’t take very much time to clean nor does it take much up-keeping. All of this time saved can be put towards all the things you more passionate about. Or even better, more time to relax and enjoy all the great things in life.

If you’re interested in Tiny Houses, what would be your main reason for wanting to live in one?

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