Moncton’s Robbie Burns Day Celebrations

Have you ever heard of Robbie Burns Day? Basically, it’s like St Patrick’s Day but Scottish. And the best part is that Moncton has not one, but two Robbie Burns Day Celebrations!

Ok, ok, Robbie Burns Day is about a lot more than drinking. But you get the gist of it.

On January 25th every year, Scottish people all over the world celebrate by getting together to eat haggis, drink whiskey, and recite poems from Robert Burns himself. In Moncton – as in many cities – there is also a second celebration on the Saturday following the actual Robbie Burns Day. At these Robbie Burns Day celebrations, everyone is welcome to wear their kilts, bring their bagpipes and get ready for a fun-filled night.

Moncton Robbie Burns Day Celebrations

This year, the Moncton District Pipe band will be playing at both celebrations. The first is Friday January 25th at 7PM at the Pumphouse Brewery.

The second Robbie Burns event is a banquet held by the Greater Moncton Scottish Association on Saturday January 26th at the Dan Bohan Family Centre in Riverview. Tickets for the banquet must be purchased in advance, so make sure you give Liz MacFarlane a call at 853-7706.

For those of you wondering, Max has been playing bagpipes for a little over 2 years now. His mix of talent and dedication to the instrument have allowed him to become very skilled. His teachers and bandmates took notice and he has been chosen as the piper to march in the Haggis this year at both Robbie Burns Day celebrations!

To say that I’m proud is an understatement! I really hope that you will all try to make it down to one of these Moncton celebrations for Robbie Burns Day. We’d love to see you there.