Meeting A Sloth For The First Time

We love living every day like it’s a new adventure – but today was especially exciting because we were in for a little treat.

Have you ever had something on your bucket list that you figure you might never actually cross off? Well, Max had one on his – meet a sloth in real life. We talk about it all the time, and I’ve even bought him some plush buddies to support him in achieving his dream.

One sloth from Magnetic Hill Zoo / One sloth from Assiniboine Zoo

But honestly, we never really thought it would happen, at least not for a very long time when we would have the time and money to plan a trip to South America.

Then this happened…

Facebook Event Meet A Sloth


I actually screamed out loud seeing this. I knew I needed to make this happen, and I was so fortunate to be able to make a change on the work schedule to get the day off. I immediately told Max and we started making plans.

We left Moncton on Saturday night, figuring it would be easier to go visit Max’s parents and drive to Bathurst Sunday morning from there (only 45 minutes away). When we woke Sunday morning – a little later than planned – I shook Max awake and hurriedly got ready to hit the road. The weather was not so nice, so it took us a good hour to get to Bathurst, but we made it there safe and sound. And excited!

We were greeted at the front by Shawn, one of the presenters at Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, and we were introduced to Del, the person I had been in contact with by e-mail. We spoke with them for a good 10 minutes before the presentations started and we got loads of information about what they do, what kind of animals they handle, how often they visit, why they visit the places they chose to visit, and so much more. They explained that they have on-site locations in Halifax, Ottawa and Hamilton, and that they are based in Ontario. They are currently doing shows on the road in Canada and the US, from November until April every year. Their current animals on display range from ferrets to rabbits, owls to vultures, scorpions to tarantulas. And of course of their most popular animal, Wiggles:

Shawn graciously offered to let me go up and touch this Cuvier’s dwarf caiman, Wiggles!

But of course, the day would not have been complete had we not see Max’s favourite animal in the world:

Everyone, meet Arthur the Sloth!

What an incredible experience! I know that this place, like many others, is targeting families with young children as their audience, but it is honestly entertaining for people of all ages. I know that for us, as young adults with no kids, we’re always looking for fun stuff to do that doesn’t always involve alcohol, and this fit the bill perfectly.

If you didn’t get the chance to go out this weekend, you can still catch Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo in Miramichi next weekend, or in one of their many other location throughout the coming months. Make sure to check their website and their Facebook Page for all upcoming events and presentations.

*This post was sponsored by Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo. All thoughts, experiences and opinions are our own.*

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