Tiny Tips – How To Be Kind To Others

If you don’t know about the #BeccaToldMeTo Movement, you need to crawl out from under that rock, because it is such an amazing movement that has inspired so many people to show kindness to others.

This amazing young 17 year old girl, Rebecca Schofield, has made an incredible impact on so many people’s lives. After having been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, one of her dying wishes was to help spread kindness. She reached out to the world and asked everyone to do random acts of kindness, post it online and add the hashtags #BeccaToldMeTo. What started at a small idea quickly grew to a viral movement. People as far as Koweit have used the tagged, as well as across all of Canada and parts of the United States. And the purpose of it all boils down to one simple phrase – Be kind to others. 

Now I know some of you might be wondering how to show kindness to others, because sometimes it feels weird just doing something nice out of the blue – especially if you’re not a nice person. Joking, of course you’re a nice person! You must be if you’ve read along this far! But maybe you’re just looking for news ways to show kindness, maybe you want to feel like you made a difference in someone else’s life. Well, I’m here to tell you how.

How To Be Kind To Others

Give compliments

Honestly, this is my number one go to act of kindness. It takes very little effort, and you could literally make someone’s day just by saying something nice about them. I try to do it at home, among friends, at work, or anywhere at all. If you are interacting with people in any social situation, it is so easy to tell them you love their hair, or the way they did their makeup, or how you never noticed how nice their smile is. Seriously, just do it.


This might sound like an odd one, but it’s one that I would genuinely appreciate if ever it is offered to me. Why not tell someone you are there for them if ever they need to talk. You might suspect someone is having a bad day and send them a personal message or give them a call. But you can even do so in any circumstances. Even on my best day, I know it would make me so happy for someone I knew to send me a text asking if I wanted to talk. Creating and maintaining relationships is such an important part of our lives, and I think sometimes we forget that.

Write a message

You can show kindness is many different ways physically, but let’s not forget the impact that a message can have. Do you ever think about the people who have changed your life? The people who were there through the tough times in your life? I wonder if you have ever told them what it meant to you, how important they are and how they hold a huge meaning in your life. Maybe it’s time you sit down and send them a message.

Pay for someone else

An easy way to do a random act of kindness, especially for strangers, is to pay for someone else anonymously. You can pay for someone’s coffee, pay for someone’s meal at the restaurant, pay for someone’s grocery, pay for their bus ticket or metro pass, and so much more. You can even do it for someone you know – pay for someone’s entry fee to a sporting event, a concert, what have you. Ask the server to get you one bill at the restaurant and pay for a friend’s meal. They will be so thankful, and one day they will pass it one to someone else. And one day it might happen to you!

Make a Donation

I know this is similar to paying for someone else, but it’s entirely different, because it won’t be affecting the same people. When you make a donation, you might actually be helping someone who desperately needs help, or an organization who is struggling to find financing to make the proper upgrades to give the best service they possibly can. So why not, every couple of months, make a donation to an organization of your choice – there are so many out there who would appreciate the gesture. Examples of that are: your local hospital, the SPCA, your local youth centre, a church group, people who are planning to volunteer in third world countries, just to name a few.

And there are so many others ways we can show kindness to one another. How have you shown kindness lately? Let us know in the comments below!


And if you’d like to learn more about the Becca Told Me To movement, you can check out this Facebook Live video we did with author Jason Tremere who literally wrote the book on the subject!

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