5 Things I Love Friday // Winter Theme

After a little (long-ish) hiatus, I’m jumping back in with 5 Things I Love Friday posts. This Friday, I’m sharing 5 things I love that are winter themed. And I want to throw out some extra love to everyone reading this today, as it’s Valentine’s Day!

RW & Co White Camisole

In case you haven’t been watching my stories over on Instagram, I’ll give you a quick breakdown about what I’ve decided to invest in for 2020: a styling coach! I hired Amanda from Simply Stylish in January and I have been working on taking photos of all my clothing and accessories, doing a wardrobe audit, and then purchasing missing items. My most recent purchase is an item I had been telling myself to buy for a long time, but I never convinced myself to go out and buy one – a white camisole, which I bought from RW & Co.

5 Things I Love Friday

Style At Home

Every once in a while I treat myself to something special. And last month it was an issue of Style At Home Magazine from January/February 2020. Not only do I feel inspired by the gorgeous homes featured in the magazine to keep working on renovating our home, but I also feel inspired to write new blog posts and share great photos that I’ve found. Something I hope to work on later in 2020 is a series wherein I share other people’s homes or projects, focusing on minimalism and sustainability. If you have any one in mind, please get in touch!

5 Things I Love Friday

Fresh Bread

Is there anything better than fresh bread? We’re not exactly bakers – although Max sure gives it a run for his money – so to fill my need for fresh bread, I alternate between two local bakeries. Our first pick was Nanna’s Bakery, a long-time Moncton favourite where you can buy bread, rolls, baguettes, pies, and lots of other baked goodies. And then I had the pleasure of visiting Co Pain Artisan Bread Company and I’m pretty hooked on their rustic bread and chocolatines.

5 Things I Love Friday

Eco Tan Winter Skin

I purchased this product from Sequoia Downtown earlier this year and finally took the time to give it a try. It says that it works best if you exfoliate 24 to 48 hours before use, so I got to scrubbing my skin in the shower last week. I applied the Eco Tan Winter Skin to one of my legs on three separate occasions, so as to compare to my other leg that went without the product. I was honestly surprised it gave me a nice little glow, without looking incredibly fake. Plus, the product didn’t stain my hands and also acts as a moisturizer so my legs are feeling fantastic in this cold dry winter weather.

5 Things I Love Friday

Black Nail Polish

My newest obsession has been painting my nails – or attempting to in order to get better at painting my nails. My current favourite is the Sally Hansen Onyx Nail Polish.

5 Things I Love Friday

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