Services // Meal Planning Sessions

Meal Planning Sessions are offered to make your life easier. Eat well and save time and money by creating a unique meal plan to suit your specific needs.

Meal Planning Options

After hearing from clients about how to best meet their needs, I’ve expand the services offered in the Meal Planning Sessions. Here is a list of different options you can choose from:

  • Meal planning – Creating a meal plan for you to use on your own (includes an initial meet-up, a full brainstorming session, weekly or monthly check-ups, along with ressources and materials)
  • Grocery Runs – After an initial meet-up and a brainstorming session, you can opt-in to have me purchase your groceries for your meal plan. (Local drop-off option available, or online orders for you to pick up)
  • Pre-Made Meals (Local Only) – If you’re looking for more assistance with your meal planning, you can now have the option to have me prepare meal ingredients ready for you to cook. (Includes all the ingredients for different recipes, cut up and prepped. Up to one week’s worth of meals at one time.)
  • Ready To Eat Meals (Local Only) – For those who are feeling an overwhelming amount of stress just thinking about cooking, this option is for you. Ready To Eat Meals are 100% prepared and cooked in advance.
  • Cook In House (Local Only // Currently unavailable) – Have your meals prepared and cooked sur-place.

Together, we will take time to create a menu, make a personalized meal plan, and make sure that you stay on track. We can outline a budget and evaluate the weekly or monthly savings if your goals are monetary. And we can find ways to save time if that’s your preferred goal.

These services are available virtually or locally and can be customized for any number of people.

Initial meet-up

Cost: $25

We will discuss your needs and assess which type of meal plan service would be more suitable for you. This initial meet-up session can be done in-person or online. (In-person meet ups temporarily unavailable)


Brainstorming Session

Cost: $100

In this first meal planning session, we will create your personalized meal plan. An outline will be drawn as we dig deep into the meal planning process according to your needs. Specialized plans include regular diets, vegetarian diets, celiac diets, and many more.


Grocery Runs

Cost: Varies (depending on amount of groceries and location)

Meal planning can include grocery purchases. Grocery runs can be done online (where applicable) or dropped off for local clients. This add-on service can be occasional or combined with your meal planning sessions. Cost varies, depending on groceries purchased and location. Starting at $50.


Weekly Check-Ins

Cost: $50

Weekly sessions are available after the first meal planning session. A weekly session will include a review of the previous week’s plan, a budget assessment, and a quick sketch the of the following week’s meal plan.


Monthly Check-Ins

Cost: $150

Monthly sessions are also available after the first meal planning session. If a monthly meal plan is best suited for you, we will take time once a month to go over your progress. We will take a look at the budget, the meals themselves, and find ways to improve as time goes on.


Pre-Made Meals

Cost: Starting at $100 (3 Meals or More)

Available to locals only (Greater Moncton Area). I am now offering pre-made meals. This consists of gathering the ingredients for meals and prepping them so that everything is ready for you to cook. This service must be combined with Grocery Run, or you must provide the ingredients. Minimum 3 meals per week, with delivery once a week.


Ready To Eat Meals

Cost: Starting at $200 (3 Meals or more)

Available to locals in the Greater Moncton Area only. This new service is being offered so that you do not need to prepare or cook meals yourself. This service must be combined with Grocery Run in order to have all the ingredients to prepare the Ready To Eat Meals. Minimum 3 meals per week, delivered once a week.


Cook In House

Currently unavailable

If the stress of having to wait for someone to bring your meals, you can now have meals cooked in your own home. Once a week, meals can be prepared in your home and stored directly in your fridge or freezer. A minimum of 5 meals will be prepared. Available to locals in the Greater Moncton Area only.