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I’m sure we’re all aware of how much time we spent at home these days. And in an attempt to not go stir-crazy, I decided to compile a list of ways to bring entertainment to your home – catered to the Greater Moncton area. Featured are some great local businesses. This is not a sponsored post, but my personal favourite local spots that I encourage you to support.

Moncton Entertainment

Spin It Records & Videos

When Spin It first opened in 2001, it was uniquely a record store. Owner Patrick Parisé was standing in line at Blockbuster one day and he thought to himself, “I have 4000 movies at home, maybe I could rent them.” He decided to start renting his own collection and it got so busy that people were waiting outside his store to rent the movies.

Home Entertainment in Moncton

For many, Spin It, as it’s often referred to, is a cultural milieu. People go there to meet other people and discuss their passions. It’s a meeting place, a place of entertainment.

It’s also a place for families. It’s an experience, it’s unique. It smells like popcorn, you can take the box in your hands, look at the pictures, read the description, see if the film has won prizes, etc. “It’s important to have this library of films for the community, especially for young people,” says Pat.

Moncton Entertainment At Home

Comic Hunter

You’ve surely heard of The Comic Hunter, a store that is very popular with comic book, film and technology enthusiasts. It has been located in Moncton since 2005 and has had great success since its opening under Rémi Vienneau Leclair’s management. With a wide selection of comic books, illustrated novels and board games, The Comic Hunter has become a gathering place and a pillar in downtown Moncton.

Moncton Comic Hunter

The Comic Hunter offers a fairly unique selection of products. Among other things, there are rare comics in a complete collection comprising over 500,000 titles, as well as the largest collection of board games in the Maritimes. There are also many collectible items, which are often high-end.

Moncton Entertainment At Home

Art Shack

From art supplies to custom framing, you can find all your artistic needs at Art Shack. Located at 102 St George street, this locally owned art shop offers art supplies such as canvas, paint, paint brushes, pencils, and more. They also provide custom framing services and art education for the community.

Moncton Art
Photo by Art Shack

Other great items you can find at Art Shack are stationery products and photography products. You’ll find lots of things to provide entertainment at home when you visit Art Shack.


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  1. I love them all! I’ve taken up drawing and painting again a couple of years ago and The Art Shack is the perfect shop with perfect customer service.

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