Celebrating Mother’s Day

Today being Mother’s Day, I thought it important to jot down some thoughts concerning the celebration and appreciation of mothers.

For those of you who don’t know, my parents split up when I was 10 years old. My brother and I grew up with my dad from then on, visiting my mom once a month on weekends. I don’t remember much about it, but one thing I do remember is my first thought every morning on mother’s day – dad.

Mr Mom

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and love my mom just as much as I love my dad. I do not feel any resentment whatsoever towards my mom, but the fact remains that my dad often had to fill in for both parents.

My dad cleans the house. My dad fixes the house. My dad cooks and bakes. My dad builds us not one, but two tree houses – and a bridge to connect them! My dad tucks me in. My dad yells at me to get up. My dad plays dress up with me. My dad takes me out four wheeling and camping. My dad helps me. My dad lets me help myself. My dad listens. My dad gives advice. My dad lets me cry on his shoulder. My dad tells me that life’s not always fair. My dad sets down rules. My dad spoils me. My dad encourages me. My dad supports me.

My dad was never my mom, but I can’t help but want to wish him a Happy Mother’s Day too. He did lots of mom things that he probably didn’t want to do, or didn’t feel comfortable doing. But he did them anyway.

I’m so incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by amazing parents like mine. And even better, both my parents are now happily remarried, and I have twice as many moms!

I want to take the time to thank all of the amazing women in my life for contributing to my growth and development as a woman, to help me become who I am today.

To my mom:

Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for being there even when physically, you could not be there. Thank you for making tough decisions. Thank you for always being positive. Thank you for your laughter. Thank you for all the weird-ass habits, like pulling out our eyelashes. And thank you for always encouraging me to be myself.

Mother's Day

To my step-mom:

Thank you for understanding. Thank you for never over-stepping. Thank you for being a good role model. Thank you for your wonderful children, whom I will always consider my siblings. And thank you for convincing my dad to get us the best cat in the world.

Mother's Day Step Mom

To my mother-in-law:

Thank you for raising your son to be such an incredible man. Thank you for sharing stories with me. Thank you for respecting me. Thank you for making me feel like I’m a part of the family. And thank you for being the only mom I can bring to tears! ?

Mother's Day Mother In Law


To all mothers, wives, and Mr. Moms, I hope your day was filled with love and gratitude from all those who surround you. You deserve it.

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